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The Future of Silence: When your tongue vanishes
2020.2.27.~ 6.14.
*To reduce the risk of Coronavirus, the exhibition’s opening reception and other related events have been postponed until further notice.
Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
Yoonseo Kim (Curator, Nam June Paik Art Center)
Collaborate Curator
Hyunjeung Kim (Curator, Nam June Paik Art Center)

Angelica Mesiti, Jaye Moon, Jesse Chun, Ji Hye Yeom, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lawrence Lek, Juho Lee & Juseung Lee, Woojin Kim
Organized and
Hosted by
백남준아트센터 경기문화재단
Supported by
문학동네 산돌구름
Nam June Paik Art Center presents a special exhibition, The Future of Silence: When Your Tongue Vanishes from February 27, 2020. The exhibition examines language as spoken and written, as body and mind, as the corporeal and the conceptual, and as systems and cultures. The eight artists explore the phenomena of plunder and extinction of language in the neoliberal society, the relations in understandings and misunderstandings as well as the diversity of nonverbal communications happening outside of letters. At the same time, they reveal the hierarchy and alienation created by the dominant language and the power of language directly connected to human rights as a tool for survival. The exhibition evokes these issues that permeate our everyday life, and thereby sheds new light on the reality and diversity of language, invisible but present.

“Who am I and what will I be like?” Starting from the question of a tongue asking its own whereabouts, the exhibition ultimately seeks to recognize the existence that is different from oneself. Do our anxieties really come from other beings, other species and other languages? Would the anxieties be dispelled if we had only one tongue left in the future? We hope this exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to meet with a different beings of the world in the landscape of vanishing languages.
■ Exhibits
1_안젤리카 메시티 Angelica Mesiti
The Colour of Saying(2015), Three-channel HD video, 25 minutes courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery
2_로렌스 아부함단 Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Disputed Utterance(2019), 14 laser-cut dioramas, 7x10x6 cm
courtesy of the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery Beirut / Hamburg

3_김우진2 Woo Jin Kim
The Perfect Harmony, 2019, 4 channel HD video installation, 5m12s
4_염지혜 Ji Hye Yeom
Current Layers : The Manner of a Photoshopping Life, 2017, moving image, 12m16s
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