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2019 Random Access Project Vol.4 Park Seungsoon , Neurospace
Period/ 2019.07.18(Thu) ~ 2019.09.22(Sun)
Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Eum Space, Mezzanine
Nam June Paik Art Center presents an exhibition titled Neurospace by Park Seungsoon from July 18, 2019 for the first part of the 2019 Random Access Project. Many landscapes of sound that we face in our daily life are never the same and are interpreted differently depending on one’s own memories and experiences. How would you hear the landscape and describe the sound? The exhibition Neurospace highlights the correlation between sound and perception, the difference in hearing and perceiving the landscape as well as the mechanism in which humans and computers recognize the landscape of sound in their own ways. The exhibition presents a landscape as a ‘neuro space’ in which senses and perceptions interact with each other in the exhibition.
■ Exhibition Overview
– Period
: July 18 – September 22, 2019
*There will be no opening ceremony for the exhibition on July 18.
– Venue
: Nam June Paik Art Center, Eum Space, Mezzanine
■ Performance: Imaginary Soundscape
An electronic music performance in which automatically extracted sounds to match the landscape of the city and nature using ‘Neuroscape,’ an AI algorithm, are played in real time in the form of sound montage.
– Date
: July 20, pm 2.00
– Venue
: Nam June Paik Art Center Lobby
– Reservation
* The 2nd performance program will be held in August.
For more information and reservation, please check the homepage.
■ About Artist
Park Seungsoon who mainly works with music and sound has explored the way humans interact with nature or the universe. The artist has created a variety of works on the correlation between hearing and perception, the possible errors caused by AI and the mechanism in which humans and computers perceive landscapes of sound in different ways using a deep learning algorithm.
■ 2019 Random Access Project
Nam June Paik Art Center presents the Random Access Project aimed at introducing promising artists who share Nam June Paik’s experimental artistic spirit and at understanding contemporary media art. This year’s project will take a different form from the previous group exhibition in 2015; random accesses to young artists are available in multiple places of the Nam June Paik Art Center.
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