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Nam June Paik Permanent Exhibition 2011
Mediascape, à pas de Nam June Paik

This exhibition picks up on the notion of ‘mediascape’ and pays attention to the way Nam June Paik anticipated the future mediascape which we are living in today. The term ‘mediascape’ indicates a shifting configuration of the world in global flows, the driving force of which is the availability and distribution of new media and technology. Paik’s way of ‘walking’ the mediascape is far from being linear or sequential: he weaves through an existing spatiotemporal constellation in a characteristically radical way, thereby creating his own mediascape. This exhibition poses questions as to how Paik brought new media and technology to his art in the way that fundamentally changed our perception of the world and way of life, and to what extent Paik’s vision of the mediascape to come is relevant to the 21st century.

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