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Nam June Paik Exhibition 《More than 30 minutes》
Period/ 2018.02.15(Thu) ~ 2018.09.26(Wed)
Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1F
More than 30 minutes _ main image

■ Exhibition Title
More than 30 minuets
■ Period
2018. 2. 15(Thu) ~ 9.26(Wed)
■ Venue
Nam June Paik Art Center 1F
■ Organized and Hosted by
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Nam June Paik Art Center
More than 30 minutes is an exhibition that sheds new light on Nam June Paik’s video art in the context of the Counterculture that swept America and Europe in the 1960s. Nam June Paik’s work was also influenced by such a cultural background of American society in the ’60s, a decade in which reflections on the Western civilization gradually grew into a movement against the established values. Behind Nam June Paik’s progressive video art exists a new vision of communication sought in the midst of the Countercultural upheaval. It was also Paik’s urgent solution for contemporary people who just entered the age of commodification and automation.

The title ‘More than 30 minutes’ came from the text “Afterlude to the Exposition of Experimental Television”(1963) written by Paik, in which he encouraged viewers to watch his television more than 30 minutes. The exhibition interpreted the meaning of 30 minutes as a requisite for a sympathy with others as well as a journey of communication. According to Paik, video art is not only a passage of ‘harmonious chaos’ to escape from now and here, but also a starting point of imagination to move into there and beyond. We hope that his video art will melt our heart overwhelmed by the flood of information into a strong bond of sympathy.
■ Artworks
1 백남준_Flower child 이미지 입니다
Nam June Pailk, Flower Child, video sculpture, 1998
백남준_태내기 자서전_이미지입니다
Nam June Pailk, Autobiography inside Womb, drawing on news paper, 1981
백남준_리빙씨어터와 함께한삶_이미지입니다
Nam June Pailk, Living with the Living Theatre, single channel video, 1989
백남준_호랑이는 살아있다_이미지입니다
Nam June Pailk, Tiger Lives, single channel video, 1999
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