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Special Exhibition 《Common Front, Affectively》
기간/ 2018.03.22(목) ~ 2018.06.24(일)
장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
□ Overview
At the conjuncture of significantly revolutionary changes recently taking place in Korea in political and social terms, this exhibition calls attention to what can be called the current of affects, which makes you feel pain about the sufferings of others, rage against social injustice and violence, constitute a certain spontaneous community and finally take some actions collectively. Of particular interest is the question how social emotions form and flow in the digitally networked circumstances in which sensorial experiences take a new course of modality.

Common Front, Affectively features contemporary international artists whose works in video, installation, sound and performance capture different formations and movements of emotion and feeling. They will make the occasion to explore the relations between the individual and the collective with regard to connectivity and isolation, and the affects manifested and controlled in a rapidly changing media environment where technologies are inextricably woven into everyday life.
Exhibition Title
Common Front, Affectively
22 March 2018- 24 June 2018
Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
22 March 2018 4pm
《Opening Performance》 Yunjung Lee, Choreographer 4:30pm
Reservation T. 031-201-8597
Curated by
Hyunjeung Kim(Curator, Nam June Paik Art Center),
Seong Eun Kim(Chief researcher, LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art)
Hosted and
Organized by
백남준아트센터 로고 이미지입니다경기문화재단 로고 이미지입니다
□ Participating Artists: 15 artists(17 works)
Hyewon Kwon(Korea)
Daum Kim(Korea)
Ragnar Kjartansson•The National(Iceland•USA), Rosalind Nashashibi(England)
Bojan Djordjev•Siniša Ilić•Katarina Popović(Serbia)
Cécile B.Evans(USA)
Ed Atkins(England)
Ignas Krunglevičius(Lithuania)
Yunjung Lee(Korea)
Everyday Practice(Korea)
Femke Herregraven(Netherlands)
Yang Ah Ham(Korea)
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