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2018 Random Access Project Vol. 3 Rémi Klemensiewicz, Disbanding Tendency
Period/ 2018.11.24(Sat) ~ 2018.12.16(Sun)
Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center Eum Space
24 November ~ 16 December, 2018
4p.m. 24 November, 2018
Nam June Paik Art Center Eum Space
10:00a.m. ~ 6:00p.m (Closed Mondays)
– 4p.m. 24 November, 2018 Rémi Klemensiewicz (*Opening Performance)
– 5p.m. 28 November, 2018 sOojung Kae / Kim ha eun / Noah Kae Choi/ Rémi Klemensiewicz
– 5p.m. 5 December, 2018 Simon Whetham / Rémi Klemensiewicz
– 5p.m. 12 December, 2018 Alfred 23 Harth / Remi Klemensiewicz
2018 Random Access Project Vol. 3
Rémi Klemensiewicz, Disbanding Tendency
The exhibition entitled Disbanding Tendency to be held at the Eum Space from November 24, 2018 features new works by Rémi Klemensiewicz. The exhibition attempts to illuminate different approaches in the use of sound and visual objects, and especially emphasizes the connection between the two. The works presents the questions of the structural connection between language, its acoustic or musical expression and its visual representation. This abstract correspondence of modality and of system between sound and visual seems pretexts or tools to concrete physical and incarnated image on our historical and social surrounding.

Rémi Klemensiewicz presents different forms, from exhibition to live performances, and always focuses on sound as a central material for his experimentations. Trying to connect these different aspects and forms is an underlying driving force all along his work and researches.

2018 Random Access Project
Nam June Paik Art Center presents the Random Access Project aimed at introducing promising artists who share Nam June Paik’s experimental artistic spirit and at understanding contemporary media art. This year‘s project will take a different form from the previous group exhibition in 2015; random accesses to young artists are available in multiple places of the Nam June Paik Art Center.
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