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  • Nam June Paik Exhibition TV is TV Close
    • Venue/ NJPAC 1F
    • Period/ 2015.01.29(Thu) ~ 2015.06.21(Sun)

    Nam June Paik brought new possibilities out of TV for the purpose of using TV as a medium for art. To him, TV was more than a mere a device for receiving information; rather, it was an instrument for sensual experiment, a channel for real-time intervention, a material for producing robots and musical instruments, and a broadcasting environment to approach a number of people at the same time. 《TV is TV》 presents Paik’s these diversified usages of TV along with his life’s chronicles so that the audience may have a clear comparison between them.

  • Special Exhibition Good Morning Mr. Orwell 2014 Highlights Close
    • Venue/ 1F, NJPAC
    • Period/ 2014.11.17(Mon) ~ 2015.01.21(Wed)

  • Special Exhibition Good Morning Mr. Orwell 2014 Close
    • Venue/ 1F, 2F Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2014.07.17(Thu) ~ 2014.11.16(Sun)

    The satellite’s amplification of the freedom of the strong must be accompanied by the protection of the culture of the weak or by the creation of a diverse software skillfully bringing to life the qualitative differences in various cultures. – Nam June Paik, Art & Satellite (1984) In 1949, George Orwell published a dystopian novel […]

  • Nam June Paik Exhibition From Horse to Christo
    • Venue/ 1st Floor, Nam June Paik Art Center

    Artist Douglas Davis, Gregory Battcock, Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota, Jud Yalkut, John Godfrey Opening Hours Mon.–Fri./Sun. | 10am–6pm Sat. | 10am–7pm ** Closed on every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month About the Exhibition From Horse to Christo Titled From Horse to Christo this exhibition gathers together works through which Nam June Paik […]

  • Special Exhibition Variations of the Moon Close
    • Venue/ 2nd Floor, Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2014.02.26(Wed) ~ 2014.06.29(Sun)

    What is art? Is it the moon? or the fingertip, which points to this moon? – Nam June Paik- The motif in is Nam June Paik’s notion regarding the presence of time, art and nature, which is revealed by one of his famous works, Moon is the Oldest TV. Visualizing changes of the moon, Nam […]

  • Special Exhibition Nam June Paik on Stage Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 2F
    • Period/ 2013.11.06(Wed) ~ 2014.02.09(Sun)

    In celebration of the exhibition by the 2012 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize winner, this special exhibit sheds new light on Nam June Paik’s performance. This will provide an opportunity to see how Paik’s diverse works ranging from videos and other materials that recorded his performances, happenings on the street, to performances conducted to […]