• Education 2017 Nam June Paik Art Center Special Exhibition Imaginary Asia Artist Talk I : Song Dong 종료
    • 장소/ Seminar Room 2F Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2017.03.09(목)

    We are pleased to invite you to the Artist Talk program of the special exhibition Imaginary Asia, 2017. The Artist Talk will be moderated by the co-curator Hyun-Suk Seo. The participating artists Song Dong will be also participated in to enhance the better understanding of the exhibition Imaginary Asia. Please do not miss this opportunity to observe these greats in conversation about the exhibition and the artist’s works.

  • Event Result Announcement of ‘Game Jam: Art, Politics, and Digital Games’ 종료
    • 기간/ 2017.01.20(금) ~ 2017.01.22(일)

    The Nam June Paik Art Center and the Goethe-Institut Seoul has presented Game Jam: Art, Politics and Digital Games from January 20 to 22. Game developers and artists were invited to participate in a 48-hour game jam and designed various games, which are in the field of art, politics and digital games.

  • Education 2017 Winter Vacation Special Program 종료
    • 장소/ Education Room, Gallery 1 & 2
    • 대상/ Elementary students (aged 10-13 years old)
    • 기간/ 2017.01.11(수) ~ 2017.01.26(목)

  • Event Concert at an Art Museum 종료
    • 장소/ Lobby, Gallery 1 & 2
    • 기간/ 2017.01.07(토) ~ 2017.01.29(일)

    Traditional Korean music concert for when Alice and Batman’s butler meet in a wonder museum

  • Event Nam June Paik Art Center Special Exhibition Related Project 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2017.01.10(화) ~ 2017.02.19(일)

    Participants: Kang Shin-kyu, Kim Sung Won, Alex Jaehyun Kim, Moon Hae-joo, Park Wonho, Park Ji Hye, Stuckyi Studio(Kim Taekyung, Jung Yumi), ShinnamJeongi(Nam Sang Chul, Shin Kyu Bin), Shin Hyeonu, Oh Young Jin, Lee Kyung Hyuk, Lee So Hyeon, Lee Hyun Joo

  • Event Game Jam: Art, Politics and Digital Games 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2017.01.20(금) ~ 2017.01.22(일)

    Nam June Paik’s video work Global Groove (1973) opened new horizons in the art world: reflecting on television, he used the new medium of video and created a work using pop music and people dancing – a kind of early music video. This was in the year 1973; the digital age was still very young, there were no computers or video games yet. But there was already art’s fascination with the digital world, and vice versa. Nowadays the digital world has become part of our everyday life and a political force in itself.

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