• Education 2015 NJP Kumdarak Saturday Cultural Schools SoundXArt Close
    • Venue/ Green Room
    • Participants/ Middle and High School Students (20 students)
    • Period/ 2015.10.31(Sat) ~ 2015.12.05(Sat)

  • Education 2015 NJP Volunteer Training Close
    • Venue/ Seminar Room
    • Participants/ 2015 NJP Docent Volunteers
    • Period/ 2015.10.17(Sat) ~ 2015.12.19(Sat)

  • Education The Second Half of 2015: Exhibition Related Education Program for Students Groups Close
    • Venue/ Green Room and Exhibition Space at Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Participants/ Student Groups from Elementary Schools
    • Period/ 2015.09.15(Tue) ~ 2015.12.04(Fri)

    The Second Half of 2015: Exhibition Related Education Program for Students Groups

  • Event Curator Talk exhibition related program Close
    • Venue/ 2F Seminar room, Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Participants/ The general public, Art lovers (50 person by order of arrival)
    • Period/ 2016.03.03(Thu)

    Nam June Paik Art Center will be held Curator Talk, as an exhibition related program Wrap around the Time. This will be a great opportunity to understand about the exhibition by participating curators and artists. We expect many visitors’ interest and attendance in this special exhibition.

  • The 10th Anniversary Remembrance of Nam June Paik <Utopian Laser TV Station>

    Nam June Paik announced the idea of underground television channel using VVHP in his first video tape screening brochure in 1965. This idea was developed in Manifesto – Utopian Laser TV Station from The Great Bear Pamphlet by Something Else Press in 1966. Utopian Laser TV Station, a 24-hour running channel, planned to present Chess […]

  • Artist’s Talk

    Special Exhibition Super-spreader: media virus Exhibition related Program Yangachi Time 3-5pm. 4, October (Sun.) 2015 Guest Namsoo Kim (Art Critic) Talk Discussion of Participating work of Yangachi Introduction of artist Yangachi has been working based on media as a medium from his early career. His works talking about the gap within the complex, intertwined structures […]

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