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Message to Nam June Paik
Date/ 2010
Artist(Credit Line)/ Ben Patterson
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / Variable
Medium / Instruction card, drawing panal

Celebrating Nam June Paik’s 78th birthday in 2010, Ben Patterson created this new score, Message to Nam June Paik, and came to Nam June Paik Art Center in July to do its performance with the audience. Participants were led to leave a message to Paik through a recorder, but the message was composed of words allocated randomly by the alphabet initials of a participating person’s name, so that the sentence sounded like an incantation. Patterson put “RADIO NJP” graphically on a drawing panel to set up, and used the cover image of the Beatles’ eighth album for the score’s cover. The album’s cover had been designed by pop artists Peter Blake and Jann Haworth, in which the Beatles pose in front of historical and contemporary celebrities. Patterson and Paik worked together in different Fluxus events from the 1960s, sharing their awareness of the audience’s participation in art. In an introduction to his Exposition of Music – Electronic Television, Paik acknowledged a few of his fellow artists, and one of them was Patterson from whom Paik learnt about the theremin circuits and the approach to electronics.
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