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Living Fluxsculpture
Date/ 1966
Artist(Credit Line)/ Ben Vautier
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 12.×9.3×1.6cm
Medium / Plastic box

Along with the idea of ‘Fluxkit’ that George Maciunas conceived in 1964, Fluxus artists produced multiple editions of kits encompassing a selection of miscellaneous objects and sheets of paper as graphic scores for the user to read or manipulate as with interactive games. The kits were packed together in a small attaché case for sale, which was first advertised in the fourth Fluxus newspaper, fLuxus cc fiVeThReE that also contained Nam June Paik’s essay, Afterlude to the Exposition of Experimental Television. This is Ben Vautier’s kit Living Fluxsculpture. Its plastic box to whose lid an image of a caged monkey looking out is adhered was supposed to contain dead insects, but actually nothing. In an essay about his French friends, Paik wrote that in Fluxus there was a figure like Schubert, although not Beethoven, he was quite sure. It was Vautier for being a frank and innocent character. Vautier is one of the artists who took part in Paik’s Good Morning Mr. Orwell.
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