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Date/ 2002
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
The Chinese characters form a sentence “The youngest son of the Suwon Paik’s returning to a home country in glory.” There are also eight human faces, two of whom raise both their arms high as if welcoming him. The project by Gyeonggi Province to open an art museum of Nam June Paik was underway, and Paik compared the opening of his museum to an ancient idiom meaning that after a great social success one returned home in clothes of silk brocade. To the left, he drew an outline of the Korean Peninsula and marked Gyeonggi Province with a red dot highlighted in green. Next to this, “for Sir. Hak-kyu Sohn, Gyeonggi-do.” The Gyeonggi governor Sohn began his term in July 2002, so this drawing might have been produced around that time.
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