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Date/ 2002
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 17.3×25.8cm
Medium / Sketch book, crayon

Whenever artistic ideas came to mind, Nam June Paik whimsically scribbled them out, unhesitatingly on whatever was available at the very moment, on the margins of book pages or on a restaurant’s napkins. Paik also built up his ideas by jotting down things cumulatively on a notebook on purpose. Shuya Abe, a technician working closely together with Nam June Paik, donated this drawing book to the collections of Nam June Paik Art Center. In this sketchbook, Paik drew a simplified form of the antenna-clad television on each page, with one Chinese character written inside, such as the hill (阿), the group (部), to polish up (修), to link (也). It stands out that the color (色) comes up repeatedly on several pages.
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