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6 drawings on beertabs
Date/ 1980
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 9.3×9.3cm each
Medium / 6 beertabs

Nearly scribbling, this is a set of drawings on both sides of six Hannen Alt beer mats. Nam June Paik used to sketch out his ideas instantly. What he drew here were typically antenna-clad televisions, with the screens having female legs with genitals at the center, or with the ones having eyes and eyebrows only. You can also identify, on another coaster, two dancing women behind horizontal lines like scanning lines, with a title “global groove” below. On top of that, there are “Tony Stoss”, perhaps a typo of the Swiss art historian Toni Stooss, a repeated sentence in English, and several Korean and Chinese words in patches.
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