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Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 19×20.5cm

Three flags in black pastel can be associated with Nam June Paik’s 1968 writing where he quoted part of a famous koan from the Blue Cliff Record. Two monks are quarreling by a flying mast. The first says, “The wind is moving the flag.” The second says, “The flag is moving the wind.” The third monk passing by yells, “Your mind is moving.” Although this text is about one flag and three different views, the three flags drawn in restrained lines are perhaps appropriate for an illustration of the Buddhist message.
※ 소장품을 보고 작품을 묘사하는 단어, 떠오르는 인상이나 느낌 등을 한 두 단어로 입력해보세요.
※ 여러분과 같거나 다른 생각들을 확인해보세요.
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