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Sinfonie Nr. 6 – in box (Violinparts and score), funkhaus köln, Neuss
Date/ 1980
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 52x72x7.5cm
Medium / Violin fragments, 3 score papers

Within a frame, there are three scores and fragments of a broken violin as remnants of playing Nam June Paik’s Symphony No.6. This is a relay performance where one performer plays a single note and then passes only the violin’s bow to the next performer, who plays another note, passes the bow again to the next, and so forth. Even before this work, Paik composed a series of Fluxus scores called Symphony, The first one is Young Penis Symphony written in 1962 and published in Décollage No.2 the same year. Symphony for Twenty Rooms written the year before was published in Fluxus Anthology in 1963, thus No.2. Paik explained about his Symphonies No.1 –No.5 in his 1973 essay My Symphonies.
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