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Colored Chair
Date/ 1984
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 92x47x46 cm
Medium / Chair

In one of the two ordinary wooden chairs, you can see tangled lines often found in Nam June Paik’s drawings, on both sides of the seat and on the back, but the chair is left only with two legs so that it cannot stand up on its own. In the other chair, the black paint is peeled off to reveal the wooden base in patches, but four legs are in place; what is written below the seat is “Made in Neuss.” The two chairs are often stacked up when on display. From 1968, Paik produced a series of works combining a television with a chair. He transformed a television into a seat, installed a monitor below a chair so that who sits on the chair cannot watch the TV, or attached a small TV to the chair so that it becomes an extended arm. If the two chairs in point are a pair, the black chair might be construed as a television set while the chair with colorful lines as a screen image.
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