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Cooking Pot (with Korean Recipe)
Date/ 1984-1985
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 15x25cm
Medium / Cooking pot

The surface of a saucepan is caked with white paint and on its bottom is a list of Chinese medicinal herbs and materials that Nam June Paik wrote in Chinese characters from left to right, in vertical writing: garden rhubarb, five-flavor berry, anemarrhena, dwarf lilyturf, rehmannia glutinosa, figwort, aconite, deer antler, and milkwort. These are considered a remedy having an analeptic effect by and large. Paik’s use of everyday objects in a Fluxus way can be found in his earliest works such as Zen for Contact, in which a sieve, one of the kitchen utensils, with different things attached on, was presented for the audience to make sound by fiddling with it.
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