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Date/ 2000
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 57.2×38.1cm

Nam June Paik inserted many Vs and spirals into the article “Bush Declares Victory, Florida” on the newspaper of Korea Times, dated 28th November 2000. In the then presidential election where Bush and Gore ran a neck-and-neck race, who would be the presdent-elect depended on the result of voting in Florida, but its announcement was being called off. The voting system using a punch card caused a problem with counting, and it began to count the votes manually, which had to continue over a month. Because it took too long, the Supreme Court set the deadline by which Bush won the election by a margin of 537 votes. Although the Korean newspaper says Gore did not accept the result, but later he came to concede his defeat in the end. This was regarded as a good political example to respect the process of democracy in spite of an unjust situation. A label attached to the top of the newspaper addressed to Paik shows that he received Korean newspapers by post.
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