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Date/ 1998
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 35.5×43.2cm

It seems Nam June Paik intended to write a Chinese phrase, 晴耕雨讀, to work in the field in fine weather and read at home in wet weather, on the right-hand side of this drawing, mistakenly reversing the left and right sides of a character 耕, to plow a field. Next to this phrase, he added the character 夾, to break in, meaning that to read is primary and to farm is secondary. There are some books in the middle, with a phrase 階書, to read books in piles. What is written to the left is the first phrase of Thousand Character Classic, a Chinese poem arranged into 250 lines of four characters apiece: 天地玄黃, meaning that the sky is up and thus is black, while the earth is down and thus is yellow. With raindrops in different colors over all this, a character 晴, to clear up, is circled to direct leftward with an arrow to find a scene in the upper-left corner where people are working in the field beneath the sun on a fine day.
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