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Date/ 2001
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 35.5×43.2cm

This seems like a dense forest with flowers and trees in different shapes and colors. On the right-hand side are Chinese four-character idioms 墨悲絲染 詩讚羔羊 about a sage lamenting the stained thread and the Book of Odes in praise of Goyang, a lamb. The first phrase implies that a thread is originally white, but we cannot bring it back to white once dyed in black; and likewise, although the original nature of a human being is good, he or she could be turned evil by surroundings. The second one tells the story of the Sonam section of the Book that under the reign of the King Moon the country’s officials became all thrifty and honesty, and as gentle as a lamb.
※ 소장품을 보고 작품을 묘사하는 단어, 떠오르는 인상이나 느낌 등을 한 두 단어로 입력해보세요.
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