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The goal of the Nam June Paik Art Center’s archives is to collect, preserve, and provide access to all historical documentation related to Nam June Paik, the history and activities of Nam June Paik and his art, for the purpose of historical research.

Nam June Paik Art Center Archives

Nam June Paik Art Center Archives comprises of primary materials related to Nam June Paik, including letters, photographs, exhibition works and media works. Nam June Paik Art Center Archives vigorously collects primary materials which are vital for a study of Nam June Paik’s art and life. Our collection includes Shuya Abe Collection, Mary Bauermeister collection, Erik Andersch Collection, Gallery Won Collection, and among others. We also hold Video Archives Collection, which consists of video clips Nam June Paik used as sources for his video art work.

Nam June Paik Art Center Archives Collection

We collect primary materials which Nam June Paik’s artistic colleagues, acquaintances and collectors assembled and formed, including letters related to Paik’s exhibitions and daily lives, pictures and various objects. Reservation is required to access collections which have been completed the processing. Digitized collections by the Archives can be accessed on-line as well.

Video Archive Collection

Video Archive Collection holds 2,285 video items, including Nam June Paik’s single channel video works, source materials, documentaries and others. We are in the process of digitizing these videos. Video Archives Collection includes Nam June Paik’s single channel video works such as <Good Morning Mr. Orwell>, <Global Groove>, <Guadalcanal Requiem> and among others.