Nam June Paik in Times Square

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Nam June Paik in Times Square
Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix is a non-profit organisation devoted to preserving and distributing works of video and media art. For a week from 13th to 19th April, EAI celebrated its 40th anniversary this year with a special project to screen some of the influential video works from its archive, one of which is Nam June Paik’s made in 1961. In this video which is black and white, silent, running for 1:42, Paik strokes his face with both hands very slowly. The delicate gesture of the two hands as if to make sure that the face exists there as it is, can be called Paik’s existential performance. You can also watch this work in film in the exhibition presented by the NJP Art Center (15 April ~ 3 July).

(Source: Times Square Public Art)

EAI in Times Square: 40 Years of Video Art