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what Paik says
Nam June Paik is an artist, which seems self-evident, but what is often overlooked is that he was well versed in many theories and he developed his own thought about the world in a profound way like that of philosophers or anthropologists. This can be revealed in his interviews and writings, which are casual and humorous at first glance but are in fact hugely insightful and poignant.
writings on Paik
How can theoretical languages analyze and represent Nam June Paik and his art? There is still a large realm of research on his art left untrodden. In this category you are led to a range of writings by scholars, curators and artists on Paik, which will pave the way for the exploration of the uncharted Paik’s world.
media art now
Nam June Paik’s art cannot be fully explained by the qualifying term ‘media art’ though he is popularly known as a father of media art. Nevertheless, it is certainly true that he laid the foundations of what is called media art today. In this respect, it is worthwhile and necessary to look at the ongoing discussions about media art.
useful links
The first step to understand and appreciate Nam June Paik is perhaps to find and map useful resources including various websites. The modus operandi of the Internet resonates well with the spirit of Nam June Paik who advocated ‘random access’ rather than ‘systematic’ or ‘sequential’ approaches. Follow the links randomly presented here to enter into the Paikian world.