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The 10th Anniversary Remembrance of Nam June Paik 《Utopian Laser TV Station》
Nam June Paik announced the idea of underground television channel using VVHP in his first video tape screening brochure in 1965. This idea was developed in Manifesto – Utopian Laser TV Station from The Great Bear Pamphlet by Something Else Press in 1966. Utopian Laser TV Station, a 24-hour running channel, planned to present Chess lesson by Marcel Duchamp, Morning gymnastics by Merce Cunningham, Avant-garde cooking recipes for endless sex, temporary death, controllable dreams, endless unsex, endless youth by Alison Knowles, and many other programs. Nam June Paik expected that many small to medium sized television stations using high frequency laser signals made people free from monopolistic commercial broadcasting system. As Paik expected thirty years would be enough for these changes, he designated expected broadcast date as 1996. The Utopian Laser TV Station is Paik’s prediction for (internet) TV stations in the future. 2016 is the 10th year after Paik passed away, and in remembrance of Paik, Nam June Paik Art Center would commemorate Nam June Paik in Paik’s way. Via internet network, Nam June Paik Art Center presents live memorial event overcoming the limit of time and space. Utopian Laser TV Station in 2016 is an homage program for Paik, presenting web-based memorial event, live screening of Paik’s single channel video tapes, featuring live sound and DJing performances tributed to Nam June Paik. As Paik predicted in 1966, Utopian Laser TV Station in 2016 will be viewed on YouTube channel( in real time on January 29th, on which day he passed away in 2006. For three days, Utopian Laser TV Station in 2016 will present live performances of young contemporary artists and single channel screenings at the Nam June Paik Art Center. Participating artists are Seungwon PARK, Hyoung San JUN, Baja Woo, Joonyong CHOI, tapeape, haihm, PARPUNK, and Dguru.

DateJanuary 29th (Friday) to January 31st (Sunday), 2016
Lobby, Nam June Paik Art Center
Free Admission

Day 1 (Friday, January 29th)
time program note
from to min
13:00 14:00 60 – Memorial event at Bongeunsa
– Interviews of Paik’s friends
– Dear Mr. Paik by Seungwon PARK
Nam June Paik Art Center,
Goyang studio
14:00 17:00 180 – Merce by Merce by Paik
– Allan n Allen’s Complaint
– A Tribute to John Cage
– Video Synthesizer
single channel screening
17:00 17:30 30 Beyond Sounds by Hyoung San JUN performance
17:30 18:20 50 – Edited for TV single channel screening
18:20 18:50 30 Walking for quake by Baja Woo performance
18:50 19:30 40 – You can’t lick stamps in China single channel screening
19:30 20:00 30 sound performance by Joonyong CHOI performance
Programs on January 29th will be live-streaming on YouTube channel(

Day 2 (Saturday, January 30th)
time program note
from to min
17:00 17:30 30 – Video Film Concert single channel screening
17:30 18:00 30 TV Jungle by tapeape performance
18:00 18:30 30 – Electronic Opera No 1, 2
– Suite 212
single channel screening
18:30 19:00 30 Inframince by PARPUNK x haihm performance
19:00 19:30 30 – Living with the Living Theatre single channel screening
19:30 20:00 30 DJing performance by Dguru performance

Day 3 (Sunday, January 31st)
time 행사내용 비고
from to min
screening 14:00 17:00 180 – Good Morning Mr. Orwell
– Bye Bye Kipling
– Wrap Around the World
– Tiger Lives
single channel screening
Shuttle Bus
January 29th (Friday) to January 30th (Saturday), 2016
15:15 Hapjeong Subway Station (Exit 2)
16:00 Hannam-daong across from Hannam the Hill(The former site Dankook Univ.)
+82 31 201 8512
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