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Zbigniew Karkowski Workshop & Performance – Composing Chaos
Workshop : Green Room(1st basement) of Nam June Paik Art Center, Performance : Exhibition Hall 2 of Nam June Paik Art Center
Zbigniew Karkowski, Atsuko Nojiri, Chulki Hong, Hankil Ryu, Joonyoung Choi, Sangtae Jin

The Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to invite Zbigniew Krkowski for its 2nd workshop titled Composing Chaos, on September 12th. Krkowski is an active sound artist as well as a composer focusing on experimental and computer music. Traveling and living around the globe, Krkowski’s music embraces diverse genres from noise music, and electronic music to computer music. Krkowski believes that geographical, political and cultural boundaries must be challenged for creativity to occur. He makes no exception to this in his music. Krkowski’s idea parallels Nam Jun Paik’s attitude towards music in the 60s in Germany. For this workshop, Karkowski will discuss the wide range of his music career and introduce his radical composing style which breaks with the traditions of music.

Following the workshop, Karkowski will perform two places in the Memorabillia room (2nd F1) : Number Crunching includes video work by Atsuko Nojiri and Circularity, to be premiered at the Nam Jun Paik Art Center. In addition to Karkowski, the performance of Circularity will include the participation of Atsuko Nojiri, Chulki Hong, Hankil Ryu, Joonyong Choi, Sangtae Jin.


Workshop : Composing ChaosDate : Saturday, September 12th, 4pmLocation : Nam June Paik Art Center Education Room (Green room) (b1)

Performance : Number Crunching, Circularity 2009Date : September 12th Saturday 5pm – 6pmLocation : Nam June Paik Art Center Memorabillia (2nd floor gallery)

– Sbigniew Karkowski (computer)- Atsuko Nojiri (video)
2009- Zbigniew Karkowski (computers, tone generators)- Atsuko Nojiri (video)- Chulki Ryu (exposed clockworks)- Joonyong Choi (exposed CD Players with prepared CDs)- Sangtae Jin (exposed and rewired harddisk drives with laptop or PDA)


Zbigniew Karkowski


Atsuko Nojiri
Chulki Hong
Hankil Ryu
Joonyong Choi
Sangtae Jin

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