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Okin Manifesto ‘5 Minute Revolution’
Nam June Paik Art Center 2F

Inhabiting the Breach : Programming for the Conjunctures within Breach section of the Random Access exhibition
Throughout Paik’s practice and writing, random access can be seen as a strategy that allows for the coexistence of multiplicities of differences. In his writing, Paik states “Freedom must have more than two ways, directions, vectors, possibilities of time.” This liberation from the unidirectional flow of time operates the transformation of the viewer into a participant and opens up a world that is no longer restricted to pre-determined representations.

In resonance with Paik’s thoughts and as an alternative activation of the Conjunctures within Breach part of the Random Access exhibition, Tammy Kim’s sculptural installation, 5 Interloc(k)utors, will be activated as a platform to invite artists to engage with the structure or exhibition space on their own terms.

Okin Manifesto ‘5 Minute Revolution’

  • Workshop: 4pm
  • Performance : 4:30pm

Okin is a group of artists concerned with issues of spatial regeneration, intervention and collaboration named after the deconstruction process of the famous Okin-dong site’s redevelopment. To continue their ongoing negotiation with space, transformation, presence and intervention the group will present and negotiate a manifesto with the public of the Nam June Paik Art Center as an intervention into the Conjunctures within Breach Section of the Random Access exhibition. Developed as a discussion on engagement with artistic activity and spatial dynamics, the workshop/performance operates also as an interrogation into the group’s own process and a rally to interrupt any status quo.

For this event, the group has produced a limited edition print that will be provided to the public for free. With it the public can construct a loudspeaker and use it to openly voice their opinion. This loudspeaker works as a physical actualization of being in-between boundaries by simultaneously existing as both a record of an event, an interrogation device, an embodiment of a manifesto, the announcement of revolution and a conceptual declaration of intent. During the loudspeaker construction and manifesto writing workshop the group will discuss issues ranging from the history and critique of manifesto’s or Okin project’s conceptual background, to investigations into urban and institutional interventions including the group’s collaboration with Tammy Kim’s 5 Interloc(k)utors. Once the loudspeakers have been constructed the group will stage a performance of their 5 Minute Revolution manifesto that will operate as a disruption of the Conjunctures within Breach logic and spread throughout the other spaces of the Nam June Paik Art Center.

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