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Nameless Science – an exhibition and symposium investigating artistic research
Henk Slager
Nam June Paik Art Center, Education Room (B1)

*Date : September 30th, 2009, 5:30pm – 7pm

As it prepared to open to the public, the Nam June Paik Art Center benefitted from informal workshops by several international and national academics and art practitioners. These sessions included talks by Professor Irit Rogoff from Goldsmiths’ Department of Visual Cultures, Joan Rothfuss – former curator at the Walker Art Center and author of an upcoming book on Charlotte Moorman, Professor Donguk Seo of Sokang University’s Philosophy Department and Shinju Kang research professor at Korea University, As it approaches its first anniversary, the Nam June Paik Art Center hopes to continue informing its activities through engagement with active practitioners from diverse fields and aims to share these sessions with its public.

The Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to announce that the next workshop/lecture, to be held Wednesday, September 30, 2009, will be presented by Professor Henk Slager, dean of the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design(MaHKU) and its professor of Artistic Research. Professor Slager was also one of the curators of the 2008 Shanghai Biennial and, among other curatorial and academic practices has also been a tutor at De Appel’s Curatorial Training Program since 1994.

For the lecture at the Nam June Paik Art Center, Professor Slager will present Nameless Science, a project he developed for the Apex Art Center in New York. Aiming to expand the debate on what artistic research might be, both an exhibition and symposium were presented. For the exhibition, the outcome of artistic research representing best practices in artistic PhD projects were shown, conveying how their methodologies appear to consist of formulating a problem from a specific situation – based artistic process and interconnecting that problem with various knowledge systems and disciplines. In addition, all projects dealt with an artistic reinterpretation of both representation models and academic classification systems. Consequently, the projects not only produce fluent forms of interconnectivity and methodology accompanied by different forms of knowledge production, they also lead to novel artistic strategies and intensities of perception.

Resonating with the issues at hand and the underlying question of whether artistic research projects demand an idiosyncratic form of presentation, Slager used an inventive form of display oscillating between exhibition and info-lab to investigate the issues and exchange thoughts and ideas with the participating artists. The Nameless Science project counted on projects by Ricardo Basbaum(Brazil), Jan Kaila(Finland), Irene Kopelman(The Netherlands), Matts Leiderstam(Sweden), Ronan McCrea(Ireland), Sarah Pierce(UK/USA), and Morten Torgersrud(Norway).


Program Schedule・ 5:30 Welcome and Introduction by Director Youngchul Lee・ 5:35 Lecture : Nameless Science – an exhibition and symposium investigating artistic research by Henk Slager・ 6:30 Q&A

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