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Homage to the Audience
NJP Art Center 1F Multi Purpose Room
Tacit Group
Over Music : NJP Art Center Experimental Festival

“In a traditional concert, sounds move and the audience remains seated”
In “Symphony for 20 rooms”,
The sounds move, the audience also moves.
In my “Omnibus music No.1 (1961),
sounds sit down, the audience visits them.
In “Exposition of Music,
sounds sit, the audience plays with or attacks them.
In “Moving theatre’ in the street,
sounds move in the street and the audience encounters them “unexpectedly” in the street.
– From Nam June Paik’s “New ontology of music” –

Over Music is an experimental music festival exploring a notion of the “ontology of music” that breaks the boundaries between sound performances and the audience. The program is an extension of the exploration of avant-garde music practiced by Nam June Paik and shared with John Cage and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, as well as a reinterpretation of Nam June Paik as a composer who mixed performance and music.

Nam June Paik’s performances and happenings blurred the boundaries between musician, composer and audience thus transcending traditional art and sound practices to offer a ‘surprise’ experience. Over Music focuses on Nam June Paik’s new approach to arts and sound as well as role in Fluxus music. The program is not simply a celebration of Nam June Paik’s pioneering interest in experimental sound art. In addition it will aim to further develop accompanying theoretical events along with performances based on thorough research of Nam June Paik, music history and theory.

Program & Artist

“Over Music: Experimental Festival” is a regular monthly program introducing contemporary experimental sound, music and media performances held every last Saturday of the month at Nam June Paik Art Center. The program takes as a reference point Nam June Paik’s early career as a composer to explore his relationship to music and recontextualize him within contemporary music practice.

Inaugurated with Bulgasari’s Moving Sounds performance last month, Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to announce that this month’s Over Music event will be Homage to the Audience an audio visual performance by Tacit Group to be held on May 30th. Tacit Group is a gathering of multi-media artists adopting digital media to create extreme audio visual experiments. For this event Tacit Group presents a piece especially composed for the Nam June Paik Art Center. As part of the program the group will perform a new interpretation of In C composed by Terry Riley and considered by many as the first minimal music composition. Also included are Game Over , which combines sounds produced when the video game Tetris is played, and as a computer keyboard generated sound piece titled HunMinJungAck. Homage to the Audience.

Commissioned by the Nam June Paik Art Center, will pay homage to Nam June Paik and the Fluxus group. During this performance, sounds and images of the audience will be recorded and played back as an improvisation in real-time.

Tacit Group Members
  • Jaeho Chang (Media Artist, Korea National Univ. of Arts Music & Tech Dept. professor)
  • Jinwon Lee (GeJeBal, Banana Girl Producer, Media Artist)・ Minkang Kim (Composer, Music teacher)
  • Yonghyun Lee (Leader of MOT group, Composer)
  • JeaHo Yun, HanSol Chang, EunHee Cho, JongChan Hyun, TaeSun Yu, SunChul Chang (students of Korea National Univ. of Arts, Music & Technology department)

In C・ Game Over・ Hunminjungack・ Homage to Audience

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