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Result Announcement of ‘Game Jam: Art, Politics, and Digital Games’
○ Overview
January 20th 5 pm – January 22nd 5 pm, 2017
Nam June Paik Art Center
Hosted by
Goethe-Institut, Maschinen-Mensch
Organized by
Goethe-Institut Seoul, Nam June Paik Art Center
Supported by
Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Jinsuk Suh(Director, Nam June Paik Art Center), Riad Djemili (Founder, Maschinen-Mensch), Arndt Röskens(Director of Culture Program East Asia, Goethe-Institut Seoul)
The Nam June Paik Art Center and the Goethe-Institut Seoul has presented Game Jam: Art, Politics and Digital Games from January 20 to 22. Game developers and artists were invited to participate in a 48-hour game jam and designed various games, which are in the field of art, politics and digital games.

‘Game Jam: Art, Politics, and Digital Games’ is part of the art exhibition New Gameplay which has been on display at the Nam June Paik Art Center since 2016 July. This game jam is also part of the worldwide series ART GAMES which will take place in eight cities (Mexico City, Seoul, Boston, Novosibirsk, São Paulo, among others) organized by the Goethe-Institut and Maschinen-Mensch.
SS, Little Brother, Byulbram were selected by local jury as three candidate teams on January 22. The final winning team will be selected by an international jury and will be mentored by German experts so that they can further develop the game conceived at the game jam. Two representatives of the winning team will be invited to Germany in 2018.

Please refer to the follow link to see the product of the 48-hours-long game jam developed from January 20 to 22, 2017.

[Result on January 22]
1월 22일 결과과 팀명, 게임 제목으로 구성된 표입니다.
Team Game Title
(Yunjeong Kim, Yoon Je-Won, Saehoon Lee, Aram Lee, Heejin Cho)
Little Brother
(Deokwon Kim, Jaemin Park, Ga-young An, Myung-jin Yang, Youngjoo Yoo)
2984 Little Brother
(KwangSam Kim)
Flower in Gear
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