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Game Jam: Art, Politics and Digital Games

Nam June Paik’s video work Global Groove (1973) opened new horizons in the art world: reflecting on television, he used the new medium of video and created a work using pop music and people dancing – a kind of early music video. This was in the year 1973; the digital age was still very young, there were no computers or video games yet. But there was already art’s fascination with the digital world, and vice versa. Nowadays the digital world has become part of our everyday life and a political force in itself.

* For more information, please refer to the website of Goethe-Institut Seoul.
website of Goethe-Institut Seoul.

20th January, 5 pm – 22nd January, 2017, 5 pm
Nam June Paik Art Center
Hosted by
Goethe-Institut, Maschinen-Mensch
Organized by
Goethe-Institut Seoul, Nam June Paik Art Center
Supported by
Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Announced on 20th January, 2017 / Related to art, politics and serious games
■ Participation

Open to anyone interested in game development. Programmers, game designers, artists, musicians, film makers and others in game development-related fields (Experience is helpful / basic knowledge of the English language is helpful, but not required / the project committee will select the participants).
■ Number of Participants Admitted

Max. 40 people
■ Participants of the Game Jam will be notified by

9th January, 2017
■ Participation Fee

■ Announcement of the Three Candidates and the Final Winner

The three candidates will be announced on 22nd January by a local jury.
→ The final winning team will be selected by an international jury..
■ Final Winner Benefits

1. The final winning team will be mentored by German experts so that they can further develop the game conceived at the game jam.
2. Two representatives of the winning team will be invited to Germany in 2018.
■ Important Notes

Every playable game that has been developed during the game jam will be presented at the website of the Goethe Institut (
2. Please bring all equipment you need for the game jam.
3. Shuttle Bus (Round trip):
– Jan 20th / Seoul → Nam June Paik Art Center
– Jan 22nd / Nam June Paik Art Center → Seoul
* Detailed schedule will be notified.
4. Meal: All meals and snacks will be provided.
5. Relaxation Area: Space available within the Nam June Paik Art Center (Please bring along your sleeping bag.)
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