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[2] Design, News Graphics, and Big Brother
2pm Wednesday 30 April
Seminar Room, 2F Nam June Paik Art Center
– Namoo Kim(Designer / Professor, School of Design, Hankyong National University)
– Jung-ho Suh(Media Artist / Art Director, News Graphics Division, YTN)
In Paik’s Good Morning Mr. Orwell, there are inserted scenes in which the video artist Teddy Dibble enacting ‘Big Brother’ in a rather humorous way, stares the spectator. The Big Brother was a character in Orwell’s fiction 1984, an authoritarian power to watch and control the society, and has become a common noun symbolizing a surveillance society. Today we entertain ourselves by watching the life of other people through the reality TV show Big Brother, while we are outraged at the news that Google does scan all emails of its subscribers according to its terms and conditions. We are faced with different dimensions of Big Brother in our everyday life. This second event of Paik-Orwell Club invites two young artists who, like Paik, take inspiration from Big Brother. Designer Namoo Kim will talk about his book project F1984T2009: The Relationship between Privacy and Technology, in terms of how Orwell’s 1984, Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, and Franz Kafka’s The Trial became materials for his book design. Journalist working in a TV news channel, Jung-ho Suh is also a media artist preoccupied with the theme of Orwellism, and his talk will be about his critical awareness of technology-driven capitalism at the heart of the media environment of Korea, with a keyword ‘1984 frame.’
※ This event will be conducted in Korean only.
Namoo Kim studied Visual Communication Design in Handong Global University and did his MFA in Rhode Island School of Design. He has received many awards including those of International Society of Typographic Designers and Graphis Poster Annual. He is running Golden Tree, an independent design practice & publishing imprint, and is also a professor of School of Design, Hankyong National University from 2011.
Jung-ho Suh studied Media Art and is doing a PhD in Graduate School of Communication & Arts, Yonsei University. He works as a news graphic designer in YTN, and has received many awards from Korea Broadcasting Journalists Club, Seoul Industrial Design Exhibition, and so on, for his news designs and journalistic activities. As a media artist, he held solo shows in Korea and Japan, and participated in numerous group shows too.
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