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  • Special Exhibition Nam June Paik’s 80th Anniversary : Nostalgia is an Extended Feedback 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2012.07.20(금) ~ 2013.01.20(일)

    INVITATION It is with great honor that we invite you to the special exhibition to celebrate Nam June Paik’s 80th Anniversary. The opening ceremony of this special exhibition on 20 July 2012, Nam June Paik’s birthday, will mark the beginning of the various commemorative events that we organize, such as an international symposium, performances, special […]

  • Special Exhibition x_sound : John Cage, Nam June Paik and After 종료
    • 장소/ am June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2012.03.09(금) ~ 2012.07.01(일)

    Date : March 9, 2012 ~ July 1, 2012 Program : Exhibition, Public Program Artist : Didier FAUSTINO(France), Loris GREAUD (France), Haroon MIRZA (UK), Susan PHILIPSZ (UK), Anri SALA (Albania), Takahiko IIMURA (Japan) Yuko MOHRI (Japan), Kichul KIM (Korea), Sei RHEE (Korea), Otomo YOSHIHIDE + Yasutomo Aoyama (Japan) Tetsuya UMEDA (Japan), ZIMOUN(Switzerland), John CAGE (1912-1992, […]

  • Special Exhibition TV Commune 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2011.09.29(목) ~ 2012.02.19(일)

    The Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to present its special exhibition “TV Commune” from Thursday, the 29th of September in 2011 to Sunday, the 19th of February in 2012. With the termination of analog TV broadcasting ahead in 2012, a lot of changes are taking place in the current media environment in Korea. […]

  • Special Exhibition NJP Summer Festival 21Rooms 종료
    • 장소/ NamJunePaik ArtCenter
    • 기간/ 2011.07.20(수) ~ 2011.09.13(화)

    “NJP Summer Festival – 21 Rooms,” inspired by Symphony for 20 Rooms, a score composed by Nam June Paik in 1961, begins on Paik’s 79th birthday with twenty works and programs including an exhibition, performances, public programs on the NJP Art Center’s second floor and outdoor stage. About the Exhibition 21 Rooms For the purpose […]

  • Nam June Paik Exhibition Nam June Paik Permanent Exhibition 2011

    Mediascape, à pas de Nam June Paik This exhibition picks up on the notion of ‘mediascape’ and pays attention to the way Nam June Paik anticipated the future mediascape which we are living in today. The term ‘mediascape’ indicates a shifting configuration of the world in global flows, the driving force of which is the […]

  • Special Exhibition Mediascape, a pas de Nam June Paik 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1,2F
    • 기간/ 2011.04.05(화) ~ 2011.07.03(일)

    Artist /Jeremy Bailey, Eunji Cho, Sunghun Choi + Sunmin Park, EIKE, JODI(Joan Heemskerk & Dirk Paesmans), Kichul Kim, Shinil Kim, Kristin Lucas, Dan Mikesell, Marisa Olson, Nam June Paik, Yuri Suzuki, Jan Verbeek, Bill Viola, Minha Yang

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