Special Exhibition

  • Nam June Paik Art Center presents special exhibition 16 July-4 October 2015 종료
    • 기간/ 2015.07.16(목) ~ 2015.10.05(월)

    Nam June Paik Art Center 10 Paiknamjune-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 446-905 Korea T. 82 31 201 8500 F. 82 31 201 8530 E. info@njpartcenter.kr H. www.njpartcenter.kr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/namjunepaikartcenter Twitter: https://twitter.com/namjunepaikart Instagram: https://instagram.com/njpartcenter/ Nam June Paik Art Center will be presenting Super-spreader: media virus in a special exhibition. With 11 artists, the show will examines the […]

  • 2014 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize: Haroon Mirza

    Share Nam June Paik Art Center is pleased to announce Haroon Mirza (b. 1977, UK) as winner of the 2014 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize. The jury stated that Mirza was chosen for his remarkably cross-disciplinary work, traversing sound art, installation art, video and performance seamlessly drawing on various elements of art and technology, whose experimentality and openness resonate the spirit of Nam June Paik to a great extent. The award ceremony will take place in Nam June Paik Art Center on Thursday 29 January 2015, the ninth anniversary of the death of Paik, and Mirza will be awarded 50,000 USD prize. His solo exhibition will be held in Nam June Paik Art Center later in the year.

  • 2015 Random Access 종료
    • 장소/ NJPAC 2F
    • 기간/ 2015.01.29(목) ~ 2015.06.28(일)

    Nam June Paik Art Center holds this year’s first special exhibition 《2015 Random Access》 from Jan. 29th to May 31st. It is expected to reaffirm the NJPAC’s mission to establish itself as a platform on which Nam June Paik’s experimental spirit and contemporary art meet and offer an opportunity to discuss the artistic form presented by artists of the new generation and its meanings. As was suggested by Paik’s definition of an artist as ‘one who speculates about the future,’ the ten participating are ceaselessly advancing towards the future, asking questions about the present life and art in their own way, across genres and forms.

  • Good Morning Mr. Orwell 2014 Highlights 종료
    • 장소/ 1F, NJPAC
    • 기간/ 2014.11.17(월) ~ 2015.01.21(수)

  • Good Morning Mr. Orwell 2014 종료
    • 장소/ 1F, 2F Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2014.07.17(목) ~ 2014.11.16(일)

    The satellite’s amplification of the freedom of the strong must be accompanied by the protection of the culture of the weak or by the creation of a diverse software skillfully bringing to life the qualitative differences in various cultures. – Nam June Paik, Art & Satellite (1984) In 1949, George Orwell published a dystopian novel […]

  • Variations of the Moon 종료
    • 장소/ 2nd Floor, Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2014.02.26(수) ~ 2014.06.29(일)

    What is art? Is it the moon? or the fingertip, which points to this moon? – Nam June Paik- The motif in is Nam June Paik’s notion regarding the presence of time, art and nature, which is revealed by one of his famous works, Moon is the Oldest TV. Visualizing changes of the moon, Nam […]

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