Special Exhibition

  • 2019 Random Access Project Vol.4 Park Seungsoon , Neurospace Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center, Eum Space, Mezzanine
    • Period/ 2019.07.18(Thu) ~ 2019.09.22(Sun)

    Nam June Paik Art Center presents an exhibition titled Neurospace by Park Seungsoon from July 18, 2019 for the first part of the 2019 Random Access Project.

  • Nam June Paik Art Center Special Exhibition Ecologicaal Sense Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center Gallery 2
    • Period/ 2019.07.05(Fri) ~ 2019.09.22(Sun)

    The current age called Anthropocene by many scientists is addressing the emerging realities of a post-nature world such as climate change and environmental crisis.

  • 2018 Random Access Project Vol.2 Moojin Brothers The Door into Summer Close
    • Venue/ am June Paik Art Center 1F Mezzanine Space
    • Period/ 2018.11.08(Thu) ~ 2018.12.09(Sun)

    The second project of the 2018 Random Access Project, The Door into Summer, presents a new work of the same title by Moojin Brothers. Moojin Brothers highlight the new and unfamiliar aspects in our lives. The reconstruct the lives of ordinary people in various artistic ways and capture various artistic meanings.

  • 2018 Random Access Project Vol. 3 Rémi Klemensiewicz, Disbanding Tendency Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center Eum Space
    • Period/ 2018.11.24(Sat) ~ 2018.12.16(Sun)

    The exhibition entitled Disbanding Tendency to be held at the Eum Space from November 24, 2018 features new works by Rémi Klemensiewicz.

  • Nam June Paik Art Center 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition #Art #Commons #NamJunePaik Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1F, 2F
    • Period/ 2018.10.11(Thu) ~ 2019.02.03(Sun)

    Commemorating the 10th anniversary, the NJP Art Center will experiment the feasibility of museum as the commons based on the motto, “Art Commons, Nam June Paik” along with the works of artists who continue to ruminate the new ontology and communication method of art.

  • 2018 Random Access Project Vol.1 Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1F, Mezzanine Space
    • Period/ 2018.08.24(Fri) ~ 2018.09.26(Wed)

    Nam June Paik Art Center presents the Random Access Project aimed at introducing promising artists who share Paik's experimental artistic spirit and understanding trends of contemporary media art. This year's project will take a different form from the previous group exhibition in 2015; random accesses to young artists are available in various places of the Nam June Paik Art Center, including the mezzanine and Eum Space.