Nam June Paik Exhibition

  • Nam June Paik Exhibition 《Extraordinary Phenomenon, Nam June Paik》 Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1F
    • Period/ 2017.05.02(Tue) ~ 2018.02.04(Sun)

    Nam June Paik ruptured the authoritarianism of music and the auteurism of visual art, by establishing a new relationship with the audience.

  • Nam June Paik Exhibition 《Point-Line-Plane-TV》 Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center 1F
    • Period/ 2016.07.05(Tue) ~ 2017.04.23(Sun)

    Point-Line-Plane-TV is an exhibition exploring Nam June Paik’s canvas including intermedia such as television, score, film, and video, in notion of plain. Specially, many drawings and paintings by Nam June Paik will be presented. Through Paik’s works, various images shown dynamic, improvisation, and possibility will be founded.

  • Intermedia Theater Close
    • Period/ 2015.06.27(Sat) ~ 2016.01.17(Sun)

    (Then) Some specific frustrations caused by cybernated life, require accordingly cybernated shock and catharsis.
    -Nam June Paik

  • TV is TV Close
    • Venue/ NJPAC 1F
    • Period/ 2015.01.29(Thu) ~ 2015.06.21(Sun)

    Nam June Paik brought new possibilities out of TV for the purpose of using TV as a medium for art. To him, TV was more than a mere a device for receiving information; rather, it was an instrument for sensual experiment, a channel for real-time intervention, a material for producing robots and musical instruments, and a broadcasting environment to approach a number of people at the same time. 《TV is TV》 presents Paik’s these diversified usages of TV along with his life’s chronicles so that the audience may have a clear comparison between them.

  • From Horse to Christo
    • Venue/ 1st Floor, Nam June Paik Art Center

    Artist Douglas Davis, Gregory Battcock, Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota, Jud Yalkut, John Godfrey Opening Hours Mon.–Fri./Sun. | 10am–6pm Sat. | 10am–7pm ** Closed on every 2nd & 4th Monday of the month About the Exhibition From Horse to Christo Titled From Horse to Christo this exhibition gathers together works through which Nam June Paik […]

  • Gentle Disturbance – Talking Paik

    Gentle Disturbance – Talking Paik With increasing polarization between the old and new generations, political movements opposed to the existing social order ceaselessly occurred in Europe and America in the 60s and 70s. This was also the case in the sectors of art and culture. Such artists as Nam June Paik in their attempts to […]