• Event Look at the streets… this is how hope looks like
    • Period/ 2011.10.21(Fri)

    Artist Omar Abu Saada

  • Seminar [Gift of NJP 4] TELEVISION, de-, inter-, trans- Close
    • Venue/ SBS Hall (13F, SBS Broadcasting Center, Mok-dong)
    • Period/ 2011.10.07(Fri) ~ 2011.10.08(Sat)

    Television is evolving to become like a kind of organism in the current milieu of new media. This international symposium looks into the ways Nam June Paik insightfully explored the changing relationships between television and our perception of the world. What characterizes Paik’s artistic experimental televisions is ‘to defamiliarise’, ‘to interface’ and ‘to transcend’, which […]

    • Period/ 2011.09.29(Thu)

    Artist Omar Abu Saada WEBSITE TRAILER WATCH ONLINE SFE is the first and only TV station in the world to broadcast a 24/7 program of artist films, art video, photography, design, performances and music. SFE transforms flat screens into modern paintings in motion and gives access to the avant garde of all […]

  • Education NJP Art center Brunch arts courses Close
    • Period/ 2011.09.22(Thu) ~ 2011.11.24(Thu)

  • Education Nam June Paik in Moon World-Avatar playing with Robot K-456 Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2011.08.07(Sun) ~ 2011.08.27(Sat)

    Noridan Dalog is a group who has created performance workshops and education programs in Haja Center, Seoul. For this festival, they offer an interesting education program with Paik’s Robot K-456 (1964) owned by the NJP Art Center. Paik intended to realize the humanization of technology in producing Robot K-456, born of the concept of cyborg. […]

  • Event NJP Summer festival – public programs Close
    • Venue/ NamJunePaik ArtCenter
    • Period/ 2011.07.20(Wed) ~ 2011.09.10(Sat)

    Artist Kim Wol-Sik, Yangachi Public Programs Public Programs were planned with due regard to the function of the museum both as a public space to mediate art and an educational institution. 17. Kim Wol-sik Kindergarten for Adults 21 Jul-10 Sep Mon-Fri 2pm, Weekends 4pm Wol-Sik Kim’s Kindergarten for Adults is a performance based on the […]