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    • 기간/ 2011.11.06(일)

  • Look at the streets… this is how hope looks like
    • 기간/ 2011.10.21(금)

    Artist Omar Abu Saada

    • 기간/ 2011.09.29(목)

    Artist Omar Abu Saada WEBSITE http://www.souvenirsfromearth.tv TRAILER http://vimeo.com/19046001 WATCH ONLINE http://www.playtv.fr/television/#souvenirs-from-earth SFE is the first and only TV station in the world to broadcast a 24/7 program of artist films, art video, photography, design, performances and music. SFE transforms flat screens into modern paintings in motion and gives access to the avant garde of all […]

  • NJP Summer festival – public programs 종료
    • 장소/ NamJunePaik ArtCenter
    • 기간/ 2011.07.20(수) ~ 2011.09.10(토)

    Artist Kim Wol-Sik, Yangachi Public Programs Public Programs were planned with due regard to the function of the museum both as a public space to mediate art and an educational institution. 17. Kim Wol-sik Kindergarten for Adults 21 Jul-10 Sep Mon-Fri 2pm, Weekends 4pm Wol-Sik Kim’s Kindergarten for Adults is a performance based on the […]

  • performance – NJP SUMMER FESTIVAL 21ROOMS 종료
    • 장소/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • 기간/ 2011.07.20(수) ~ 2011.09.13(화)

    Artist Ujino Muneteru, Okkyung Lee, Hyun-Suk Seo, Heekyung Cho, Atsuhiro Ito,Akumanoshirush, The NJP Art Center has created a discourse on ‘performances in museums.’ Now in 2011, the Center will focus on the ‘here and now’ of performance art, the attributes of the on-the-spotness, in order to redefine and rediscover performance’s concept of space. This project, […]

  • Paper windows
    • 기간/ 2011.05.05(목)

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