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  • All Artist’s Talk

    Special Exhibition Super-spreader: media virus Exhibition related Program Yangachi Time 3-5pm. 4, October (Sun.) 2015 Guest Namsoo Kim (Art Critic) Talk Discussion of Participating work of Yangachi Introduction of artist Yangachi has been working based on media as a medium from his early career. His works talking about the gap within the complex, intertwined structures […]


    Dappertutto is an Italian word for ‘everywhere,’ and therefore, Dappertutto Studio means a studio that exists everywhere or a studio of everywhere. As is suggested by the name, this theatrical company is characterized mostly by its topsy-turvy, experimental identity. Led by director Zuck-geuk, they explore and examine the requirements for theatrical art, one by one, such as a drama, a theater, actors, the audience, etc. The piece named as same as the company, shown in 2015 Random Access, is a loose, random set of various episodes, not following any pre-determined plot. And their experiment in appropriating the form and aesthetics of the early Kabuki Theatre gives more freedom and interpretations to the play.

  • A Ceremony of the 9th Anniversary of Death for Nam June Paik and
    2014 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize Close
    • Venue/ NJPAC
    • Period/ 2015.01.29(Thu)

    A ceremony of the 9th Anniversary of Death for Nam June Paik and 2014 Nam June Paik Art Center Prize will take place in Nam June Paik Art Center on Thursday 29th January 2015.

  • NJP Volunteers Day Close
    • Venue/ NJPArtCenterSeminarroomandCafeteria
    • Period/ 2014.11.25(Tue)

    Since the inauguration, Nam June Paik Art Center gathered volunteers and organized divers programs with them. On Tuesday 25th November, NJP Art Center will be having a Volunteers Day; anyone working as volunteer (Docent, Usher and Library) in the museum is welcome to join us. The day will include:
    a Flea Market
    a conversation with the Director
    as well as an awarding ceremony for good volunteers.

  • From North Carolina to South Korea
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2014.09.13(Sat)

    From North Carolina to South Korea, commissioned by UNC’s Art Department and Carolina Performing Arts, combines the multimedia performance art of Liz Magic Laser with the choreography of Wendy Osserman. Collaborating for the first time, the mother-daughter duo examines the studied gestures of politicians and the actual events shown on the news.

  • NJP Weekend Live Close
    • Venue/ Nam June Paik Art Center
    • Period/ 2014.08.24(Sun) ~ 2014.10.12(Sun)

    8월 24일[NJP 위켄드 라이브 – 사운드] 프로그램은 사운드 퍼포먼스와 설치미술의 실험, 미디어와 행위의 결합을 선보이는 해외 아티스트를 초청하여 실시간 라이브 공연과 상영, 행위가 어우러진 협업작업을 보여준다. 백남준아트센터 뒤뜰을 무대로 삼아 사운드 아티스트 그룹 ‘산가츠’와 테크니컬 콜렉티브 ‘루프트츠쿠’, 미디어 아티스트 ‘후지이 히카루’의 협업 프로젝트를 제작함으로써 백남준이 시도한 융복합적인 실험의 현대적 재구성을 시도한다. 더불어 백남준아트센터 야외 공간을 […]