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12 Piano Compositions for Nam June Paik by George Maciunas performer’s copy of score with annotations and instructions for performance at Nam June Paik Art Center in 2010 prepared and performed by Ben Patterson
Date/ 1962/2010
Artist(Credit Line)/ Ben Patterson
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / Variable
Medium / Instruction cards, several objects, documentary video

Ben Patterson came to Nam June Paik Art Center in 2010 and performed 12 Piano Compositions for Nam June Paik written by George Maciunas in 1962. What was left from the performance was acquired for the collection of Nam June Paik Art Center: Patterson’s copy of score with Korean annotations and the objects used at the performance including a neon-orange spray, a washing-up liquid and sponges, a vase, a bucket, rubber gloves, polish and cloth, etc. Maciunas’ original score is as follows: 1. Let piano movers carry piano into the stage. 2. Tune the piano. 3. Paint the piano with orange paint patterns over the piano. 4. Using a straight stick the length of the keyboard sound all keys together. 5. Place a dog or cat (or both) inside the piano and play Chopin. 6. Stretch the 3 highest strings with a tuning key until they break. 7. Place one piano on top of another (one can be smaller). 8. Place piano upside down and put a vase with flowers over the sound box. 9. Draw a picture of the piano so that the audience can see the picture. 10. Write a sign “piano composition no.10” and show the audience the sign. 11. Wash the piano and polish it well. 12. Let piano movers carry piano out of the stage.
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