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Date/ 1992
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Object
Dimensions / 90x60cm
Medium / Fan

When John Cage passed away in 1992, Nam June Paik organized a small memorial exhibition in Gallery One, for which he produced this fan. On the large black fan, he wrote a Chinese phrase meaning “homecoming after one’s resignation from a government office.” In addition to this face for the small-scale memorial show, Paik created a calligraphic work having such Korean phrases as “Coming, Going, Again” and “The Wind, the Wind” and other new pieces of small works. Paik wrote how influential Cage was for his life, saying that he met Cage in 1958, and thus 1957 is 1 B.C. (Before Cage), and because Cage died in 1992, 1993 is A.D. 1 (After Death).
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