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Nam June Paik’s Wheelchair
Date/ 1999
Artist(Credit Line)/ Lee EunJoo
Classification/ Photography
Dimensions / 50×32.8cm
Medium / Photograph

After he collapsed by a stroke on 20 April 1996, Nam June Paik had to rely on a wheelchair. Although the wheelchair with a bowler hat on it in the photograph seems to have a solitary atmosphere, Paik’s artistic passion never died away. In a video recording of his performance at Anthology Film Archives in New York next year, we can see him on a wheelchair breaking and knocking down the piano despite his impaired mouth and arms. This picture was taken by photographer Eunjoo Lee, who made the acquaintance with Paik and Shigeko Kubota shuttling between New York and Seoul. She took photographs of Paik’s studios and exhibitions, and also his funeral in 2006.