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Date/ 2001
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Classification/ Drawing
Dimensions / 35.5×43.2cm

From Thousand Character Classic, a Chinese poem arranged into 250 lines of four characters apiece, Nam June Paik wrote nine four-character idioms in different colors. 律呂調陽: Six bright sounds and six dark sounds are brought to balance yin and yang. 日月盁昃 辰宿列張: The sun and the moon naturally wax and wane, and a constellation of stars is spread out on the sky. 寒來暑往 秋收冬藏: When the cold comes, the heat is gone; you harvest a crop in autumn, and store up on it in winter. 雲騰致雨 露結爲霜: Clouds rise up to become rain, and dewdrops get tangles to become frost. 始制文字 乃服衣裳: Letters were created at last and people came to be dressed up with proper clothes for the first time.
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