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N006_TV Garden
Date/ 1974(2002)
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Credit Line/ Courtesy of NAN JUNE PAIK ART CENTER
[TV garden](1974/2008) is one of the most important works of Nam Jun Paik, creating life beats from primordial force of tropical forest in tune with rhythm of video fantasy. The [global groove] on TV monitors shows the power of music and dance with imaginative video image. Firstly conceived in his private exhibition of Bonino Gallary in New York in 1974, it made its appearance as a title of [tv ocean] due to the lack of money to buy plants at that time. Later, its variations were made according to the environment of exhibition including Aberson Gallery in New York, Contemporary Museum in Chicago, Pompidou Center in Paris, Whitney Museum in New York, Metro Hall in Tokyo, Litan Museum etc.

[TV garden] in NJP Art Center is surrounded by small corridors to look around with a short-ranged view, and it also has a characteristic to make the audience take an outlook of the entire forest from the upper side. Installed as part of Now Jump, the opening festival of NJP Art Center, it was built up by Young Cheol Lee, the artistic director of NJP Art Center and Sang Su Ahn, landscape architect, with the advice of Keigo Yamamoto, Japanese video artist, during a week starting from the 2nd of October in 2008.
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