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Nam June Paik, Swiss Clock
Date/ 1988
Artist(Credit Line)/ Nam June Paik
Credit Line/ Courtesy of NAN JUNE PAIK ART CENTER
Material/ Media Installation
closed-circuit camera, clock, three TV monitors, tripod, 1-channel video, color-silent
variable installation

A CCTV camera captures the movement of a striking clock’s pendulum, which is screened on three televisions in real time. On the monitors that are placed in three different directions, the motion of the same pendulum is shown from three different angles. This work manifests the circular relationship between image and reality in the operation of closed-circuit TV. By recording the clock’s movement in this way, it also visu¬ally embodies the abstractness of flows of time. It may be said that Swiss Clock is one of the expressions of Nam June Paik’s interest in ‘non-linear time’.
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