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George Brecht, Deck:A Fluxus Game
Date/ 1966/1969
Artist(Credit Line)/ George Brecht
Material/ 64 cards
Measurement/ 9 x 6cm
The important element in the Fluxus performance, such as mail art, game art, and events, is the interaction with the audience or participants. Because Fluxus artists were preoccupied with organization and mediation of information, their performances essentially included objects, people(the audience), and the action that mediates between them. They went one step further from the view of art as what produces meaning: they desired to change the relationship between the receiver and the sender of the meaning, suggesting that the audience should receive information provided by the artist not as it is but in their own way, say, feeling with his own eyes and ears.

In this context, George Brecht proposes a game without detailed rules. To play this open game titled Deck : A Fluxus Game, composed of 64 cards which have different black and white images printed on the front and the same black and white image of hair printed on the back, the participants have to lay down all the rules. The game can be played either alone or with other players, or even only with imagination. Therefore, the meaning of this work is not determined at once and the participants are also led to think about the various possible combinations, during which they come to influence each other.
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