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Ben Vautier, Living Fluxsculpture
제작연도/ 1966
작가(출처)/ Ben Vautier
재질/ plastic box with printed label
규격/ 12x9.3x1.6cm
LIVING FLUXSCULPTURE (1966) by Ben Vautier has a picture of a monkey looking at the outside from behind bars, which is attached to a small plastic box. This box, which is in fact empty, allows more freedom and imagination when you open it. Flux or fluxus means in Latin ‘flow’ and is a name given to the most experimental and progressive art movement which emerged mainly in Germany and New York in the 1960s. From the beginning, the Fluxus movement involved various media including happening, performance, sculpture, poetry, and so on. Although the movement was titled and articulated by George Maciunas, it was a stream that was too diverse and free to come under a single category. Nam June Paik was a leading figure in the 1960s Fluxus movement. Fluxus was the root of his artistic sprit.
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