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Nam June Paik, x is y, y is x
제작연도/ 1974
작가(출처)/ Nam june Paik
재질/ color pencil on newspaper
color pencil on newspaper

Paik created this drawing on the New York Times pages of the TV guide for WNET’s broadcasting of Global Groove and the advertisement of the video art program. He put speech bubbles to his photographs on the pages 70 and 71, respectively showing the advertisement and the TV guide, and wrote “x is y” and “y is x” in them. In the middle of the two pages, he also drew a square reminiscent of TV. The advertisement of Global Groove described video art as something to create a new experience, which is interesting in that video art was regarded as one of TV programs, giving a hint of the atmosphere of the 1970s when the audience of video art and TV programs was not yet divided.
※ 소장품을 보고 작품을 묘사하는 단어, 떠오르는 인상이나 느낌 등을 한 두 단어로 입력해보세요.
※ 여러분과 같거나 다른 생각들을 확인해보세요.
이전 다음 Work on paper
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