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Nam June Paik, Zen for Walking
제작연도/ 1963
작가(출처)/ Manfred Montwe
재질/ photography, b&w
photography, b&w, 30.4×40.2cm
ⓒ Manfred Montwe

This performance involves slowly dragging various objects such as spoons or violins in street, and is alternately titled according to the dragged object in question. An objet d’art of the same name exists—a pair of old sandals used in one such performance, with an attached bell and carved stone head festooned in chains that make the wearer tinkle with each step. Paik has never clarified the meaning of the objects attached to the sandals, but the weighty stone head is suggestive of the arduousness of the creative process. Most important is the sound these objects make when dragged on the floor, which can be read as a nod to John Cage’s art that extended the idea of music to include noise and silence.
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