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Notice of Open Days and Event in May, 2017
관리자 - April 28, 2017
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* Open Days during the Holiday: May 3rd (Buddha’s Birthday), May 5th (Children’s Day), May 9th (Election Day)
* Closed Days: Every Mondays including May 1st (May Day)
1. Free Admission: May 2nd – May 7th
* If you visit more than two among the following institutions (Nam June Paik Art Center, Gyeonggi Provincial Museum, and Gyeonggi Children’s Museum), a free drink will be provided in front of Gyeonggi Provincial Museum.

2. Events on Children’s Day: May 4th – May 5th (Various programs for the public including family members)

Thank you.
Nam June Paik Art Center
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Korea Open Government License
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